In Jenin, the Israeli army operation is “officially over”, the soldiers withdraw

Two days after the large-scale operation carried out by Israel in Jenin, the Israeli army announced that it was withdrawing from this territory of the occupied West Bank on Wednesday July 5. The results of this operation continue to grow. MLaunched with the help of drones and bulldozers, this attack on Jenin left 12 dead and more than a hundred wounded on the Palestinian side. On the Israeli side, a soldier died Tuesday, shot, in the same camp.

On the same day, Tel Aviv was targeted by a car bombing, injuring seven people. The next day, Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip responded to rocket fire from Palestinian territory.

Jenin is a “terrorist haven” according to Israel

This is not the first time that Jenin has been bereaved by Israeli operations: its refugee camp is notably known to be the stronghold of Palestinian armed groups. The Israeli army claims to have targeted “a terrorist infrastructure” And “an operations center” of a local armed group. “We will not allow Jenin to become a haven for terrorism again”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said from a military base near Jenin. In response, Palestinian Islamic Jihad warned: “All options are on the table to strike the enemy.”

According to the deputy governor of the city, these recent attacks have prompted the exodus “about 3,000 inhabitants” of this camp where until then 18,000 Palestinians lived. Its residents have been facing water and electricity cuts since Monday, the city’s mayor said, describing “a disastrous situation” on the spot.

This violence has aroused the concern of the international community, such as the Arab League, which met urgently on the subject on Tuesday, as well as of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Volker Türk denounced these attacks which “must stop”. Since the start of 2023, at least 190 Palestinians, 26 Israelis, one Ukrainian and one Italian have died in violence linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to an AFP count.

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