Home World In Japan, the toll of the torrential rains estimated at six dead

In Japan, the toll of the torrential rains estimated at six dead

The death toll of six in southwestern Japan may well rise as search operations continue. Record rainfall in parts of the Kyushu region throughout Monday caused rivers to burst their banks. Soggy land collapsed in landslides.

At least three people perished in the inclement weather, government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said, adding that authorities were investigating whether three other deaths were related to the inclement weather. Three people are still missing and two others were slightly injured, he said. Some remote communities remain isolated due to the deluge and other damage, but their inhabitants are safe.

Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated

Transport remains disrupted at the start of Tuesday, with some rail links disrupted and highways blocked. Some 1,400 homes are without electricity. In Karatsu, in the department of Saga, Japanese soldiers dig up the earth and the debris left by a deadly landslide which engulfed houses.

Hundreds of thousands of people were called to evacuate on Monday due to torrential rains, “the heaviest ever recorded in the region”, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. As good weather returned to many areas on Tuesday, authorities predicted more rain, which could further weaken already soggy soils.

“We have received reports of several rivers flooding and landslides in various parts of the country,” the government spokesman told reporters on Monday. “The government is doing its best to get a full picture of the damage and is taking action that puts people’s lives first,” he added.

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