The popularity of the PS5 and the scarcity of chips across the world has made it a bit difficult to get the PS5 console from Sony even today.

This has created a market on which dealers profit, who take any available unit and put it up for sale at much higher prices.

However, in Japan, resellers they are trying to take action to combat these dealers.

One such method is to write or draw in the console box. For example, Nojima Denki store chain started writing the buyer’s name inside the PS5 box, and unpacking the controller.

Ultimately, this reduces the value of the console, as it couldn’t be sold as new in its box. It also exposes your name and some resellers may prefer that no one know your identity.

Japanese distributor GEO has now introduced a similar box marking system. GEO sells PS5 consoles through a raffle system through its mobile app. Whoever participates in the draw must accept whatand an X is drawn on the DualSense remote control package. which is included with the console.

Of course, these measures need not deter all resellers or buyers, who may be willing to buy the console, regardless of the box being modified.

However, we assume that the goal is to try to put up as many barriers as possible to reduce the number of resellers and make it easier for regular customers to buy the console.


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