“In January I will not go to Real Madrid”

Kylian Mbappé will be free to negotiate with the team he wants in four days. However, everything indicates that we will not know what his final decision is until, at least, the end of the round of 16 tie against Real Madrid. One day after being chosen the best player of the year for the Globe Soccer Awards, the PSG star has given an interview on CNN in which He has spoken about the request he made to PSG to leave in the summer, in addition to the tie against the white team.

If you regret having asked PSG to leave: “I was sincere. Say what I had in my heart (…) I am very happy to stay at PSG, Paris is my city too. I’m French… I want to win it all this season. “

On whether he would play for Real Madrid next season, he replied with a laugh: “This is not the time to talk about my future. I only have in mind to win at Real Madrid in February and March. No, in January I will not go to Real Madrid. I am going to finish the season with PSG, with total security. I want to give everything to win a great title for the fans, I think I deserve it. “

The tie against Real Madrid: “We need to be prepared. It’s the moment. It is the most important moment of the season. Of course, we want to step forward now. Two years ago we made the final, the semi-final later, but now we want to win the Champions League ”.

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Staying in Paris: “Paris is my city, I was born here and it is also where I grew up. Playing for PSG is an incredible feeling, as you have your family and friends close by ”.

Play with Messi: “It is a great pleasure for me to be able to tell my children, my friends that I play with Messi. We have to enjoy seeing him in Paris… It is an incredible moment in the history of football ”.

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