In India, the house of the accused who made women walk around naked was set on fire, the video came out

Manipur: In the Indian state of Manipur, people were enraged after seeing the video of naked women, the angry people burnt down the accused’s house.

Two days after the incident, angry villagers burnt down the house of the main accused, Harim Hira Das Singh.

According to the Indian media, after the video went viral, the police said that the incident took place on May 4. According to the sources, no news about the incident has been allowed to air on the media since then.


However, now the police officials have said that four accused have been arrested so far, including the main accused Harim Hira Das Singh. The angry people also tortured the family members of the accused.

It should be noted that in Manipur, a group of men had stripped two women of the opposing group and rolled them on the road, the obscene youths also performed indecent acts with the women and later took them to the fields and subjected them to gang rape.

The incident took place a day after communal violence erupted in the northeastern state on May 4 in a village in Kangpokpi district, but the horrifying footage emerged on Wednesday and went viral after the internet ban was lifted. The affected women belong to Manipur’s anti-BJP Kuki community.

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In the demonstration against the said incident, the protestors said that Modi wants permanent deployment of army here by provoking ethnic riots in Manipur.

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