In India, Ms. Jharkhand 2020 parades through a landfill and challenges rulers about garbage

Video posted on Instagram by Indian photographer Pranjal Kumar. (PRINT SCREEN)

The video shot in late July is commented on this week in the Indian press. Features Indian model Surbhi, crowned Miss Jharkhand (Northeast India) in 2020, at Ranchi City Landfill. She poses in a scarlet red dress and walks in white sandals on this mountain of rubbish, miles of rubbish as far as the eye can see. A site so impressive that at the end of this video posted on Instagram, it’s no longer the woman we’re looking at, but the garbage, fascinating, scary, everything we dare not imagine.

And it is precisely to force us to see what happens to everything we consume that photographer Pranjal Kumar had the idea of ​​making this video, with a drone, and asking Miss to pose to give all her contrast to the message.

The message is that in Ranchi, as elsewhere in India, garbage cans and their contents do not disappear. Every year, more than 30 million tons of waste are sent to landfills on the outskirts of large cities. Landfills are all saturated, but they continue to receive even more waste, because more and more are dumped every year and governments prefer to postpone solving the scourge. What we don’t see in this video is what the model had to put up with: a reeking smell, of methane and ammonia gases, released by decomposing garbage, toxic gases that reach homes and burn residents’ lungs.

“At first, when Pranjal asked me if I wanted to parade down the mountain through the garbage, I was shocked., explains Surbhi to Times of India, I didn’t understand and then I saw the power of the message, the fact that we could shed light on a real issue of society, health and the environment, so I said yes.“It cost her a lot of work, you could say, as even with a half-hour flash photo shoot, she came out with a skin condition that still has a month later.the goal, she says, it is worth it“: wake up the authorities, elected officials, but also consumers, producers, manufacturers, tell them how much this garbage poisons, and convince them to reuse, repair, recycle more and consume better, consume less.

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