In Ille-et-Vilaine, a chef cooks with unsold products to fight waste

In Dinard, Olivier Richer prepares small plates of food products close to their expiration date. An initiative to reduce waste. #IlsOntLaSolution

That day, rummaging through the shelves, Olivier Richer found cod steaks that had reached their expiration date. It will turn you into a baked dish. “I always make sure it’s okay when I open the boxes”, says the restaurant owner. He finds his raw material in an anti-waste supermarket in Dinard, the brand We anti-waste. “Thanks to Olivier, screening is done every morning. We know that all fruits and vegetables have a second life.” Enthuses Édouard Allain, the store’s deputy manager.

In the kitchen, the products are heated in the oven to 64 degrees, then cooled quickly to ensure the quality of the future dish. A dish that brand customers We anti-waste you will find in the catering department 30% cheaper than anywhere else. Olivier Richer sells 70 trays a day. Consumers are confident. “The dates are still well studied. There is no danger. Besides, from now on, I only do my shopping here”, says a customer.

What makes the restaurant owner happy, whose goal is to change consumer behavior. But there is still work to be done. Every year, ten million tons of food are thrown away in France. Or 150 kilos per inhabitant.

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