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In Hungary, the opposition may have found the candidate to shake the indecisive Viktor Orban

In Hungary, the opposition may have found the candidate to shake the indecisive Viktor Orban

The Hungarian opposition gave itself the means to hope for a victory in the next legislative elections in April 2021. For that, it was necessary to make the sacred union or “a marriage of convenience”. It was necessary to agree on a single candidate who will represent six parties ranging from left to far right. It was necessary to organize this great primary to better challenge Viktor Orban in the spring. The chosen one is called Peter Marki-Zay.

Sunday, October 17, he won in the second round of this primary with more than 58% of the votes on 60% of the ballots counted. The organizers called the consultation “an incredible success”. It mobilized more than 800,000 voters on the two towers. That is to say nearly 10% of the electorate of this country of 9.8 million inhabitants. The appointment of Peter Marki-Zay is “a nightmare for Viktor Orban”, according to Robert Lazslo, political analyst in Budapest. And if it scares the majority in power at the moment, it is because its profile is difficult to attack.

Peter Marki-Zay is 49 years old. He has seven children. He is a practicing and conservative Catholic. Its aim is to “get rid of the most corrupt system in the thousand-year-old history of Hungary”, according to his words. He presents himself to voters as the anti-elite, anti-corruption and pro-European candidate. He was a voter of Fidesz before turning away and today he denounces “authoritarianism” by Viktor Orban. Peter Marki-Zay has no choice, he has to get together and talk to everyone. As proof, his victory speech on Sunday evening: “I will welcome and embrace as Hungarians, Roma, Jews, homosexuals, people with disabilities, voters on the left and right, and also those of Fidesz.”

Peter Marki-Zay embodies a new political generation in Hungary. This electro-technical engineer lived in the United States and Canada for five years. He speaks English and French. He is the mayor of Hodmezovasarhely, a small town of 43,000 inhabitants, located in south-eastern Hungary. He had already sent a strong signal in 2018 by being elected in this town recognized to be the stronghold of the former chief of staff of Viktor Orban.

It is important to note that his appointment on Sunday was totally ignored by the media at the hands of power. But on social networks, Fidesz launched a Facebook campaign presenting Peter Marki-Zay as the candidate for Brussels, immigration and the left. No doubt a sign that his candidacy does not leave indifferent, even perhaps worried, the power in place.

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