In Hungary, the anti-LGBT + law will be applied in churches and schools

The Hungarian government has announced that the provisions of its controversial new law against homosexuality will be applied in churches and schools. The “Law Against Pedophilia” was passed in June and originally aimed to toughen penalties for child abuse.

But amendments have also been added to prohibit the “promotion of homosexuality” among those under 18 years of age. The government decree that establishes the modalities of application of the law regulates “the exhibition or representation” of products that “express homosexuality” or represent a “deviation of the identity corresponding to the sex of birth”.

The sale of such products will be prohibited within 200 meters of churches, as well as schools and child welfare institutions, the government said on Friday. When these products are available, they should be sold in sealed packages. The law has created a new tension between Hungary and the European Union.

The director of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called it “shameful” and the Commission launched an infringement procedure against Hungary, arguing that the measure violates EU rules on freedom of movement, expression, free trade and provision. of services. This law is seen as part of nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s plan to transform Hungary into a so-called “illiberal” country, based on conservative Christian values.

The Hungarian section of Amnesty International reacted to the latest announcement by assuring that the law “will fail sooner or later”. “In the meantime, we all have a responsibility not to give in to the government’s ignoble hate speech,” the NGO said on Facebook on Saturday. Some analysts believe that President Orban’s offensive against the LGBT + community is aimed at consolidating his conservative voter base in preparation for next year’s elections.

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