In honor of Carroll: Madrid caresses its tenth final with Laso

Advance| Jaycee Carroll had a nice farewell in front of the Madrid fans, the one he deserved almost a year after his last game, a tribute felt by him and by the stands, by the club, and the white team found the victory they longed for to return touch another final, the tenth in the league with Laso on the bench and the fourth of the season, to the last step in all the tournaments in contention. A victory achieved without bases, although with Hanga doing a great job, and raising two pillars, the defense and Tavares (15 points and +22 with him on the court in… 20 minutes). A physical superiority that prevented Bakonia from standing up to a superior rival and less with a poor 6 of 26 in triples (23%). And when no one expected it, in the minutes of garbage, Heurtel returned, a return that needs an explanation to understand it, or to understand, if you want, why he did not play the previous 17 games, all those between April 3 and this June 4th.

In modern basketball, without success in the triple there is no paradise. And the teams were very unsuccessful from long distance, so what determined the Merengue advantage was the command of the rebound, with a special punishment in the Baskonia ring and the advantage and success of Tavares in the zone with 12 points and more than one 70% success in its first 15 minutes. Two factors that more than compensated for the lack of bases in Madrid. Hanga weathered the storm quite well supported by Causeur, Deck and Rudy, and then some very good minutes from youth squad Juan Núñez on his 18th birthday. Because, although Heurtel played again, he did it when everything was resolved. You know, Alocén, Williams-Goss, Llull and Abalde were also missing due to injury. The last two were serious doubt and did not pass the test. Madrid, with Tavares as the scorer, commanded in the first quarter and at the start of the second it reminded us of Thursday, then a 15-0 start, this time it was a 13-0 with three chained triples, by Rudy, Hanga from 12 meters and Randolph (31-15). Vitoria’s response came with a 0-9 run with Fontecchio finally appearing in the tie and with Tavares on the bench and the counter-reply, again with Edy in action, resulted in a 7-0. Three amusement park swings that left a +10 at rest: 40-30. And around the locker room, after Fontecchio’s basket, another 10-0 again with Tavares and Hanga leading the way. The definitive arreón. Baskonia had lost its success and energy, perhaps one derived from the other with a short rotation, and only Marinkovic’s sparks gave joy to the game. Baldwin, with four fouls, was already sitting on the bench. The gap opened up to 25 points (70-45) when Rudy had already converted with his second goal in the fourth historical three-pointer in the League, 886 hits, only behind Herreros (1,233), Navarro (1,179) and Mumbrú (901). The last quarter seemed to be left for Randolph to show off, to recover the sensations of yesteryear, but Laso surprised everyone by putting Heurtel on the court after 17 games without playing due to technical punishment, since April 3 in Tenerife. The Frenchman entered the court at the same time as Klavzar (the Slovenian’s second league match) with 3:04 remaining, his situation in the team seems to have changed, although from the outside and, without explanation, things did not they understand. What is understood is the superiority of Madrid, 2-0, already one win from the tenth final of the Laso era.

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