Home World In China, earthquake in Sichuan kills two

In China, earthquake in Sichuan kills two

An earthquake brought mourning to southwest China on Thursday morning. Two people lost their lives and three were injured in a shallow earthquake in Sichuan province, state media reported.

The local government has confirmed the deaths, without specifying their whereabouts or providing further details, China Global Television Network (CGTN) said. The United States Institute for Geological Studies (USGS) measured this earthquake at magnitude 5.4, but the China Earthquake Center puts it at magnitude 6.0.

120 km from the Chongqing megalopolis

The two organizations locate the epicenter at a shallow depth of ten kilometers, about 120 km southwest of the sprawling megalopolis Chongqing, whose metropolitan area has a population of some 30 million.

The natural phenomenon prompted authorities to trigger the second level of emergency for rescuers in the Sichuan region, according to state media. The city of Luzhou sent emergency services to the scene, the Xinhua news agency said, without giving further details. “Significant damage is likely and the disaster is potentially widespread,” the USGS had further estimated in a preliminary assessment.

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