Home World In Canada, a man charged with throwing gravel at Justin Trudeau

In Canada, a man charged with throwing gravel at Justin Trudeau

The tension is great in Canada as early legislative elections will be held on September 20. A 25-year-old protester was arrested and charged on Saturday for throwing gravel at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday during an election trip to London, a city southwest of Toronto.

Originally from the province of Ontario, the man was charged with “violence with weapons” and will be tried on October 6, said regional police. The Prime Minister, who had not been injured by the gravel thrown when getting back into his bus, then denounced these “packs” of demonstrators who do not hesitate to attack doctors and nurses as well.

Death threats

All the leaders in the campaign for these early elections denounced after this incident the violence of the demonstrators directed against Justin Trudeau. The latter can no longer go out, for several days, without being followed by a crowd of opponents who protest loudly against the health measures. On Friday, another protester was arrested for making death threats against the Prime Minister during another electoral trip.

Canadians are being called to the polls for early legislative elections less than two years after the last election. Liberal Justin Trudeau, who is running for a third term, is neck and neck in the polls with his main rival, Conservative Erin O’Toole.

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