In Canada, a gunman sows panic near a Toronto school

Two days after the killing perpetrated in an elementary school in Texas (United States), which killed 21 people, a man armed with a rifle and circulating near a school caused panic Thursday in Toronto (Canada). Alerted by witnesses, having seen an armed man in a district of the east of the Canadian metropolis, the authorities confined the schools around before the intervention of the police.

“There is no longer a threat to public safety”

“The police have been confronted with this individual,” said James Ramer, the city’s police chief, during a press conference without giving further details, specifying however that the suspect was “deceased”. According to the police Twitter account, the suspect, around 20 years old, was wearing a white cap and a long coat.

“Because of the proximity of the school, I understand how traumatic this could have been for students, parents and staff given what has happened recently in the United States,” said James Ramer, adding that “there is no longer a threat to public safety”. “We will strengthen our presence in the area, in the short term,” said the police chief who said he did not know the intentions of this man. On Tuesday, a shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, left 21 dead, including 19 children and two teachers.

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