Colombo: A no-confidence motion has been filed against the Prime Minister in Sri Lanka.

According to details, the United People’s Force (UPF), Sri Lanka’s largest opposition party, has filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet with Parliament Speaker Mahinda Paya Abi Wardana.

The no-confidence motion was filed by opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, in which the opposition took a stand that the government had failed to fulfill its constitutional obligations to resolve the country’s serious economic crisis and provide a standard of living to the people. ۔

The no-confidence motion against the government has been launched by the opposition at a time when protests against President Gotabaya Raja Pakse and his brother Prime Minister Mahinda Pakse are continuing across the country, including the removal of the President and Prime Minister. Demanding

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The United People’s Force, Sri Lanka’s largest opposition party, has 54 members in the assembly, while it needs the support of 225 members to win the no-confidence motion. With the support of other opposition parties and dissident members of the ruling party, she will be able to pass a no-confidence motion and succeed in removing the Prime Minister.

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka is currently in a serious financial crisis, and the country is bankrupt, Sri Lanka has less than one billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves. Due to lack of foreign exchange reserves, the country is also facing difficulties in procuring essential commodities, due to which there is severe shortage of oil, gas, medicine and food in the country. to be continued.