In addition to India-Pakistan in the World Cup, there may also be changes in other matches, the big revelation of Jai Shah

Jai Shah, secretary of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI), said that three full members of the ICC have written a letter to the ICC requesting a change to the 2023 schedule to be held in India. After speaking with the host association of the World Cup match, the BCCI secretary said that the issue of the time change will be resolved in 3-4 days.

Jai Shah said: “Three members have written a letter to the ICC for a change in schedule. Only the date and times will be changed, the venues will not be changed. If there will be a 6 day gap in matches then we are trying to reduce it to 4-5 days. The image will be clear in three to four days. Changes will be made in consultation with the ICC.

Earlier there were reports that due to Navratri in Gujarat, there might be a change in the date of the match between India and Pakistan. Keeping an eye on Navratri, security was summoned. In such a situation, the rescheduling of one match may affect the entire schedule. It was also claimed in media reports that the India-Pakistan match would be scheduled for October 14, but according to the ICC schedule, two matches will already take place on the 14th.

In such a situation, it is not possible to have three matches in one day. When Jai Shah was asked about the change in the schedule of the Indo-Pak match, Jai Shah said, “Security is not an issue.” Tell them that Shah did not disclose what the full board members requested for schedule changes.

Significantly, according to the schedule published by the ICC, the World Cup will start on October 5. The first match will be played at the Ahmedabad Stadium. In the tournament, the India team will play their first match against Australia on October 8. A total of 48 matches will be played in the World Cup.

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