In a message to Putin, Poland demonstrates its military strength after “unprecedented” modernization of its weapons

Poland showed the world the potential of its military prowess at the annual parade of its armed forces held this Tuesday in Warsaw, where thousands of people turned out to see it up close american tanks Abrams, the HIMARS artillery systems (500 units), the Patriot systems, the K9 howitzers from South Korea and the FA-50 aircraft that the Polish government, led by the ultra-nationalist party PiS, has bought in recent years. This demonstration takes place against the background of Ukraine’s war with Russia and against the background that the Polish authorities are calling on their Western partners to adopt a tougher stance against Russia Kremlin.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine made strengthening the armed forces a priority for the Polish government. According to local media, since Russia launched its invasion of Ukrainethe government of PiS has spent more than $16 billion on weapons with acquisitions primarily in the US and South Korean markets. Recall that the Warsaw government committed to doubling the size of the army and allocating about 4 percent of GDP to defense.

This exhibition, organized on the occasion of 103rd anniversary of Poland’s victory over Bolshevik forces which led an offensive towards Western Europe, is being called the largest military parade since the Cold War, as it was attended by 2,000 soldiers from Poland and NATO-allied countries who showed 92 aircraft and 200 armored vehicles.

Polish Defense Parade
Polish Defense ParadeRELATED PRESSPA

They also took part in the event Polish-made Borsuk combat vehicles and Rosomak armored vehicles. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said the parade was “unlike any other” and stressed that it was an example of the “modernization process of the Polish army”.

The Polish government feels threatened by Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. He recently announced that thousands of soldiers would be sent to the border Belarus, Putin’s partner. “Many Poles are still aware that the existence of a nation depends on its ability to defend itself, as in 1795 and 1939 when Poland was first occupied and divided by Russians, Prussians and Austrians, then by them Hitler and Stalin“recalls the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Polish Defense Parade
Polish Defense ParadeRELATED PRESSPA

From neighboring Hungary, the EU country closest to Russia, it was released that this military event was a warning not only for Moscow but also for Polish voters ahead of the next parliamentary elections on October 15.

The expert in military affairs Jakub Palowski writes in “Defense 24” that since February 2022 Poland has carried out “unprecedented technical modernization” to replace most of the main weapon systems and build new capabilities. Palowski notes that executive contracts signed in recent months include 366 Abrams tanks and 180 K2 tanks; 212 K9A1 howitzers and 48 Krabs; two Narew short-range air defense systems and 22 Pilica anti-aircraft systems, in addition to 218 K239 Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers; 32 AW149 helicopters And Hellfire anti-tank missiles and 48 FA-50/FA-50PL light attack aircraft. The expert also draws attention to one point: there are doubts about the Polish army’s ability to accommodate so much equipment in its structures.

This modernization was made possible by an increase in defense spending, which reached 2.7 percent of GDP in 2022 and has risen to 3.9 percent of GDP this year.

The leaders of Polish politics, led by President Andrzej Duda, took part in the Polish Army Day parade established in 1923. The parade also comes months ahead of October 15 general elections, in which the ruling ultra-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party is seeking victory, despite hot pursuit from Liberals who oppose the former prime minister donald tusk

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