In a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, British embassy staff left a picture of the queen

KABUL: British embassy staff left a picture of the Queen at the embassy in a hurry to withdraw from Afghanistan.

According to international media reports, the British authorities hastily closed the British embassy in Kabul and also closed the social media account completely.

The British staff hastily forgot the portrait of the Queen and important documents at the embassy.

After the embassy was vacated, the Taliban took control of it and confirmed the documents inside.

The Afghan Taliban assured Britain that it was their responsibility to protect the Queen’s image and other documents, and that nothing would be harmed. The Taliban say that until Britain recognizes our government and sends back its embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčeverything will be fine and we will take care of the queen’s image.

On the other hand, the head of the British forces, General Nick Carter, said, “I think we have done an extraordinary job of evacuating, but we can’t get everyone out of there, and it’s very sad.”

“Not a day goes by without tears in my eyes. Personally, I have received more than a hundred different messages from Afghans that I have known for a long time and most of them,” he said. You have friends who are trapped in Afghanistan.

“The UK will continue to welcome such people. We are very clear. I think our government has made it very clear. Whether they come out now or in the second phase of evacuation, whenever they come, Will be welcomed

It may be recalled that there are only two days left in the deadline for the evacuation of citizens from Afghanistan. After France, Germany and Spain, the United Kingdom has also announced to end the evacuation operation today.

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Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation, General Nick Carter, the head of the British forces, said that the operation was now nearing completion, the evacuation of civilians would be completed today, after which the process of withdrawing troops would begin.

“We have had to make very difficult decisions at the moment, we have not been able to get everyone out of there,” he said.


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