Imran khan China Visit: Now China is the only resort for the troubled Pakistan, know what is the meaning of Imran’s visit to China?

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Imran Khan, Pakistan PM

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  • Pakistan’s economy difficult to run without debt
  • Imran considers China tour as good opportunity to ask for loan
  • China has invited Imran to inaugurate the Winter Olympic Games

Imran Khan China Visit: Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has been invited to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to be held in China. On the pretext of opening the Winter Olympic Games, he is getting an opportunity to go to China to explain his plight and ask for a loan. Know what are the other meanings of the troubled Pakistan’s visit to China?

Actually, Imran Khan’s government is facing many problems on the economic front. The condition of the economy is dire. There is no external investment coming from anywhere. He is upset even before his name is in the gray list of the terrorist country. For the progress of the plans of his country, a huge amount is needed, which he is sweating to raise. China is now the only refuge for Pakistan, which has been isolated from the world, in front of which it does not hesitate to spread its bag every now and then.

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China is the only shelter for debt

The Imran government has said many times that they have no money left to run the country. Now only China is a big support for giving loans to Pakistan. Before this, he has spread the bag before all the banking institutions like Asian Bank, World Bank and UN. These organizations also shun Pakistan. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia had promised billions of dollars of loan to Pakistan but does not give the amount easily. At the same time, he also asks to pay back the old debts from time to time. In such a situation, now only China is left for him, about which he feels that the doors are open.

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China has lost America’s trust

Pakistan, once the apple of America’s eyes, has now lost the trust of the US and other European countries. Pakistan, which was America’s favorite country during the Cold War, started getting away in the nineties. Relations between the two countries began to lighten. But after the terrorist attack on the US on September 11, 2001, Pakistan became an important ally in its fight against terrorism. But this could not be possible for long. With the departure of American troops from Afghanistan, America no longer needs Pakistan. In such a situation, apart from China, there is no one left to sympathize with him. He also gives praise and gives help.

Pakistan needs investment to run the economy

Pakistan wants China to invest in its textile industry, footwear industry, pharmaceutical industry, furniture, agriculture, vehicle manufacturing and information technology. A Pakistani daily wrote that it is expected that the government will ask 75 Chinese companies to give them access to markets in the Middle East, Africa and the world, and that the carriage of goods will be exempted. Pakistan is heavily dependent on China for financial help and cooperation.

China’s opposition in Pakistan

China has already invested billions of dollars in Pakistan in the form of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPAC). Pakistan has completed several projects related to energy and infrastructure under CPAC, but now the people of Balochistan are opposing China’s investment in Gwadar airport. Because Baloch people know that they are not going to get any benefit or employment. China has its own interests in this. The Pakistani government keeps a blind eye on all these matters. According to economists, Pakistan is now 100% dependent on China for financial and economic help. It is Pakistan’s dependence on China that Imran Khan is visiting China to take loans. He said the terms of the international currency for lending have become public, while China keeps details related to loans and other projects confidential, raising doubts.

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