The National Association of Importers of Agricultural Products welcomed President Luis Abinader’s decision to give him a new subsidy for fertilizers, which are necessary to maintain production in the Dominican countryside.

The president of the entity, Peter Spinal, indicated that it is an increase in the subsidy, which had already been applied last November, for the amount of thousand 700 million pesos.

The agricultural leader specified that production costs have become unsustainable, with the negative impact generated by the war between Russia and Ukraine, which is added to other adverse factors on the international level for the economy.

The president of the National Association of Importers of Agricultural Products He expressed that this new game, until next July, comes at a good time for the sector it represents, affected by these factors.

President Luis Abinader offered the new item to that sector during his recent visit to Juma, Bonao, where he supported the rice sector with the delivery of subsidies to cushion the effects of the rise in operating costs.

Espinal indicates that this official support for the rice sector is important with an initial item of 450 million pesos, which represents a fundamental pillar in the national economy and an essential source of food for the Dominican people.

He said that this item is for subsidies per bushel of cereal and was received by the directors of the National Federation of Rice Producers, directed by Fausto Pimentel.


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