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Important XRP Documents: Not everyone expects success

Belangrijke XRP documenten: Niet iedereen verwacht succes

Ripple has wanted to see former SEC director William Hinman’s emails for more than a year as part of its lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This would state, among other things, that the SEC has favored Ethereum (ETH) over the rest of the crypto industry. The information has now been released in court, and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is happy about it.

Ripple CEO very happy with Hinman documents

On Twitter, Garlinghouse responds to the question of what he thinks of the documents in question finds. He says he can’t go into details, but both he and Ripple’s lead attorney Stuart Alderoty believe they were worth the wait. Ripple has been waiting for more than 18 months for the information from these emails, the CEO explains.

Ripple hoped the documents could show that the SEC played foul play and deliberately gave Ethereum clear regulation and the rest of the crypto industry did not. Many investors would have taken Hinman’s statements as advice, which in theory has had a beneficial effect on the ether price.

But currently the SEC is suing one crypto company after another for allegedly issuing or selling unregistered securities. In fact, the lawsuit against Ripple has been running since the end of 2020, and it is still not completed.

Lawyer does not find e-mails useful

But not everyone is optimistic about the finally revealed documents. Delphi Labs’ lead lawyer Gabriel Shapiro states on Twitter that the documents are not really that useful to Ripple and XRP at all, nor does he understand why Ripple thinks they are. The documents could even be beneficial for Ethereum. They wouldn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. Unfortunately, he doesn’t go into details.

What he does find helpful is how various SEC officials felt about issues at the time of the e-mails Hinman sent. That certainly gives an interesting look behind the scenes of the SEC. He also agrees that the SEC created chaos of the rules for crypto in the United States.

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