Important news for passengers and airlines going to Saudi Arabia

KARACHI: Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation regulator GACA has issued a new advisory for passengers and airlines, action will be taken against airlines that do not implement the guidelines.

Saudi Aviation has announced a ban on manual passport extension and a new procedure for passengers traveling with pets.

In this regard, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued a notification, according to which passengers whose passports have expired should not be given airline boarding cards.

Saudi Aviation says that some airlines had issued boarding passes to passengers even though their passports had expired, so now boarding passes should not be issued to passengers whose passports have been manually extended.

According to the GACA declaration, all airlines will be obliged to inform in advance of the presence of pets with their passengers.

No passenger can bring pets without the permission of the Saudi authorities. Immediate action will be taken if any passenger or airline tries to bring animals into or leave Saudi Arabia without a permit.

All the airlines have been instructed to strictly implement and warned that strict legal action will be taken against the airlines that do not implement the above instructions.

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