It has been possible to establish what will happen with the player from Oviedo in the short term

Fernando Alonso continues to give what to talk about in Formula 1 and although it has not had the best start in 2022 with Alpinethere is expectation of the evolution that the car may have A522. Of course, there is a subject that has not been left aside in each press conference and this has to do with what will happen with the future of the two-time world champion.

Let us remember that several Destinations for the man from Oviedo, Ferrari being the most important alternative that has been handled. The Asturian was very close to changing the team Gaul to return to the Prancing Horse. This did not happen, but everything could change suddenly, since the future of the two-time F1 champion would be far from the team based in Enstone.

Alpine Alonso
The future of the two-time champion would be in another motor racing competition

Fernando Alonso defines his future with Alpine

In this way it is that they have been able to know important news regarding the future of Fernando Alonso and the Alpine. The next destination of the Spanish pilot has been revealed, which has caused great surprise, since the source that has made the revelation is an authoritative voice.

And it is that the former F1 driver and now head of the DTM, Gerhard Berger, has confirmed that the man from Oviedo could run this championship in the medium term. In addition, he has considered participating in other competitions such as the Dakar Rally, the Endurance World Championship and the Indy Car. This with the aim of expanding his curriculum.

Several category pilots would join the competition

There are even other highly known participants such as Jaques Villeneuve or Sebastian Vettel, who have expressed interest in joining the DTM. On the subject, the former driver has left some statements that are quite telling: “I spoke with Alonso, he told me that he had to do some other things first, but he will come to us at some point.”

If Fernando Alonso reaches an agreement to compete in the DTM, he could become a legend. This, since the man from Oviedo would run in five different motorsport competitions. We will have to finally wait for what may happen in the future with the Alpine driver who wants to surprise in F1.


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