Important instructions issued for all travelers to Kuwait

Kuwait: The Kuwaiti immigration authorities have issued special instructions for all foreign immigrants, in which it is said that these instructions must be followed before entering Kuwait.

According to the details, the Kuwaiti government has made the biometric system mandatory for those coming and going to Kuwait. According to the Kuwaiti media, the Ministry of Interior has made the biometric system compulsory for all nationals and foreigners entering and leaving Kuwait by air, land and sea.

Under the biometric system, fingerprints of all the fingers of both hands and face scanning will be done. In this regard, special biometric systems have been provided to all immigration offices in Kuwait.

Sources of Kuwaiti public security further say that the biometric system has been launched for the convenience of passengers, with the aim of making the public security system fool-proof and eliminating delays in the immigration process. To provide convenience to passengers.

Sources further said that with the new system, it will take just 40 seconds for passengers to complete the immigration process while eliminating the possibility of any human error.

The newly installed biometric system has been linked to the Information Systems Administration Institute where all data will be collected in a central control room.

Sources further said that the new system will enable immediate identification of all cases of forgery while identifying those who are wanted by the law or those who have been blacklisted for life in Kuwait. And they try to come to Kuwait again on another fake passport.

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