Important Instructions for Installing Sinoform in Abu Dhabi

Those taking two doses of the cyanoform vaccine have been instructed to take a booster dose in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

According to Arab media, the Abu Dhabi Media Center has asked citizens and expatriates to take booster doses to prevent those who took a second dose of cyanoform six months ago.

The media center says booster doses can be applied until September 20.

According to the Media Center, by September 20, 2021, all those who had taken the second dose of Cyanoform 6 months ago will be placed in Green Natak. This will be the last deadline to stay in Green Natak.

Abu Dhabi’s health department has announced a free booster dose of cyanoform. The health department said those who had taken the second dose of cyanoform at least two months ago would be given a free booster dose.

This free dose will be available at more than 100 vaccination centers in Abu Dhabi, so those who want to get a booster dose can go to the nearest vaccination center and avail this facility.

Officials say the booster dose is a continuation of the government’s measures and efforts for public health and social safety and security.
It should be noted that Chinese-made corona vaccine Cyanoform and American Pfizer vaccine are being administered in Abu Dhabi at present.


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