Important explanation regarding Muharram Hajj without women

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made an important clarification regarding Muharram Hajj without elderly women.

According to the ministry, women who belong to the group of women without Muharram will be allowed to perform Hajj. A woman intending to perform Hajj can come for Hajj as a candidate for Hajj provided that the application for Hajj is made as an exceptional category of people.

The Ministry says that the Saudi citizen will have to refer to the Madaniyah Department of Affairs and the resident foreigner’s passport. In the application, the accompanying category of the woman performing Hajj should be indicated.

Saudi Arabia announced packages for domestic Hajj pilgrims

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has called for applications from those intending to perform Hajj from within the country. 4 packages are prescribed for internal pilgrims.

The first public package is 3465 ral, the second package is guest 7037 ral, the third is 9214 ral of modern tents and the fourth is 11435 ral in Mina Tower.

WAT will be added to all prices, all packages for Haj will be registered through Ministry’s official portal and Nashik App.

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