Implementing Layer 2 Networks with Polygon Technology for Scalable Network Solutions

TON Applications Chain: A New Layer 2 Network to Harness the Power of the TON Blockchain


The cryptocurrency space is witnessing a surge in innovations and advancements, with new players emerging to take advantage of the rapid growth and adoption of blockchain technology. TON Applications Chain (TAC) is the latest development in this space, which is gaining attention for its potential to revitalize the TON ecosystem.


TON, a layer 1 blockchain, was launched in 2017 by the messaging platform Telegram. It has been gaining traction in recent times, with various projects and initiatives launched on the network. TAC, a new layer 2 network, aims to capitalize on this growth and provide a platform for developers to create scalable and secure applications.

What is TAC?

TAC is a layer 2 network designed to operate on the TON blockchain, leveraging the technology of Polygon. This innovative network will be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and enable developers to employ technologies such as Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs and AggLayer. This compatibility with the EVM will allow native applications from Ethereum to migrate to the TAC ecosystem, ensuring a seamless transition.

Why is TAC important?

The key objectives of TAC include achieving compatibility with the EVM, creating a layer 2 network that can facilitate transactions on the TON blockchain, and empowering developers to build scalable applications on this network. By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of Polygon, TAC is expected to provide a robust and secure foundation for various use cases, including decentralized finance (DeFi), games, and more.

Current Status

The development of TAC has been announced, and a statement has been made by its founder, Pavel Altukhoy, explaining the importance of Polygon’s ecosystem. It remains to be seen how TAC will evolve and what role it will play in the TON ecosystem in the long run.

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As the TON ecosystem continues to grow, innovative developments like TAC are expected to fuel the blockchain’s potential. With TAC’s commitment to leveraging Polygon’s technology, security, and scalability, it has the potential to revolutionize the way applications are developed on the TON blockchain.

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