Immortal Jellyfish: Turritopsis dohrnii, the marine creature with the secret of eternal life

In the depths of the ocean, a amazing sea creature has baffled scientists for years with its amazing survival mechanism. Turritopsis dohrnii, popularly known as the “immoral jellyfish”, has the unique ability to rejuvenate and return to his baby polyp stage when faced with possible death. This enigmatic being has been the object of study and wonder since its first description in 1883, but it was only a century later when scientists discovered their incredible ability in captivity.

Recently, the scientific magazine Science Alert shared an article which points out that this mysterious jellyfish could have been swimming in Earth’s oceans for millions of years with the secret of eternal life. Its defense mechanism is impressive: when faced with an imminent threat, it reabsorbs its tentacles and becomes a mass of undifferentiated cells, searching for a safe place in the sea to continue its rejuvenation process.

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The process is amazing. The jellyfish can return to its original form and, what is even more surprising, can produce new adult jellyfish. According to research, this ability to rejuvenate and restart your life cycle can occur up to ten times in just two years. It’s like this mysterious creature had the hidden key to immortality inside.

In 2022, a second investigation shed light on the possible explanation of this amazing phenomenon. Up to a thousand genes related to aging and DNA repair have been identified in Turritopsis dohrnii. Scientists are now on a fascinating quest to discover what genes are present or missing in this immortal jellyfish, potentially revealing the cellular mechanisms behind its apparent immortality.

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It is important to note that although these jellyfish possess the ability to rejuvenate and return to their baby polyp stageThey are not invulnerable. They can still die from severe injury or starvation, but their unique ability to restart their life cycle is undoubtedly exceptional and has not been found in any other known living being to date.

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This fascinating discovery opens up a range of possibilities in the field of biology and aging research. Understanding the cellular mechanisms behind the apparent immortality of Turritopsis dohrnii could have revolutionary implications for medicine and the extension of human life.

Although there are still many puzzles to be solved in relation to this wonderful creature, the immortal jellyfish has already captured the imagination of scientists and the general public. Its existence reminds us of the amazing diversity and complexity of life in the oceans, and invites us to reflect on the mysteries that still await to be revealed in the depths of our planet.

Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish, continues to defy our comprehension and stands as an enigma that drives us to explore the hidden wonders in the vast oceans. Who knows what other secrets of life and nature might be waiting to be discovered in the underwater kingdom, and maybe, one day, they will reveal the path to true immortality.


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