After the approximately 70 million that the Champions League ensures, and in the midst of the fight for the eight that gives access to the Super Cup (plus four to the winner), Barça is about to inject a new income into its box. This time, by a way that is not sports. As announced by the 2Playbook portal this Friday, the Barça entity is about to sell, for 200 million euros, 49% of Barça Licensing & Merchandising to the consortium made up of Fanatics and Investindustrial, who already made an offer for Barça Corporate. AIn this way, it would activate one of the famous levers that Laporta talks about and would be less dependent on the agreement with the CVC investment fund, although negotiations with this and another fund have continued in recent weeks. If said sale is closed, the club should convene an extraordinary Assembly to approve it. And you must do it with relative urgency, since you need to balance your accounts before June 30.

Barça will maintain control of the business because it would still have 51% of its Licensing and Merchandising which, by the way, fell brutally in the 2020-21 season. As explained by 2playbook, up to 60.1%. Barça barely entered 21.68 million euros, when in the 2018-2019 season it had broken its record of 63 million and had budgeted 80 for the 2019-20 academic year, the season of the pandemic. It will also be necessary to see how the small line of the contract is resolved. Laporta criticized in his day that Bartomeu had designed to include Nike within the sale operation because “only that we value at 500 million euros”. It will be necessary to see if he has removed the American firm from the sale agreement.

2playbook also announces changes in management when the sale is finalized. Remember that BLM has had three general directors since its creation less than two years ago: Joan Carles, Jordi Balsells (signed from Desigual but fired for being a Ferran Reverter man) and now Josep Maria Meseguer. The new BLM board of directors is made up of Joan Laporta, Rafa Yuste (sports vice president), Ferran Olvé (treasurer), Julio Guiu (marketing), Sergi Ricart (commercial director) and Maribel Melández (corporate director).


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