Immigrants will no longer be deported? The big decision of the Gulf country

Kuwait City: The Kuwaiti government has decided to stop the arrest of foreigners violating residency laws, a move that will temporarily prevent immigrants from being deported.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, there are fears of health problems due to the increase in the number of criminals in exile prisons (foreign prisoners who will be deported) in Kuwait. In this regard, the government has decided to indefinitely. Violators of residence permits (residency) for will not be caught.

Under Kuwaiti law, violators are deported in addition to fines and penalties. The Interior Ministry has decided to suspend the arrest campaign in view of the Corona epidemic and other health problems.

Kuwait: Arrests of violators of residence permits stopped

Foreigners violating the coronavirus due to travel restrictions and limited flights will not be temporarily arrested, as fewer flights will make it impossible to deport large numbers of criminals.

Officials say the decision was made as a precautionary measure in view of the health situation in the country, especially to prevent the spread of Code 19 among prisoners.

Given that airlines accept a very small number of deportees on their flights, which takes a long time to deport detainees, Kuwait decided after reviewing all the issues.


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