IMILAB V1, a robot vacuum with automatic tank emptying on offer

You may not have heard of the IMILAB company, but you certainly know Xiaomi. Well, IMILAB is Xiaomi’s supply chain company that supplies 90% of its security cameras.

Recently, the Chinese security giant IMILAB announced its entry into the field of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Your first robot is the IMILAB V1, which has a suction power of 2700 Pa, washing capacity with 3 levels of water and a battery that guarantees 4 hours of continuous cleaning.

ยป IMILAB V1 Vacuum Cleaner on sale on AliExpress for $449.99 on Aug 23 ยซ

Just as iRobot and Roborock achieved great success in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners, IMILAB positions itself as the next brand that will make your life more comfortable.


The IMILAB V1 vacuum robot has some unique features that will help you save time, such as the automatic emptying of your inner dust container every time it is full without requiring any work on your part.

Instead of having to clean the vacuum every time, you can clean the V1’s dirt base once every two weeks.


Another cool feature is that IMILAB V1 can recognize different types of surfaces and adapt the cleaning strategy. When approaching thicker, shaggy rugs, it increases the suction and absorbs all the dirt, while stopping the scrubbing of that surface.

With smart planning, IMILAB V1 recognizes the kitchen from the room, so you can decide where and when to clean. also maps your home to navigate cleanly and efficiently leaving clean floors in their wake.


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IMILAB V1 for sale on AliExpress

IMILAB V1 is on sale for $574.99 but will be on sale in AliExpress My Direct Store The August 23, 2021 only ๐Ÿ›’ $449.99.

Also, you can get a $5 discount with the code IMILAB005.

~ This post was sponsored by IMILAB ~

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