Imgur will ban uploading explicit images starting May 15

Imgur Image Hosting Platform will ban explicit images on its platform from May 15. The company has updated its terms of service and stated that it will focus on removing “nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content” of the site at the end of this month.

The company, owned by Medialab, said that explicit content constituted a risk to the “community and business” from Imgur and to reject this type of material “will protect the future of the Imgur community.”

The image hosting platform said that will continue to allow artistic nudity, But since it’s moving to a mix of automatic and human moderation, there may be issues loading certain content.

However, as we are calibrating auto-detection in these early stages, some content previously allowed under “art exceptions” may not apply here.

We will not issue warnings, account suspensions or bans related to these automatic warnings, but this may affect what you are allowed to send or upload

This change could affect several NSFW subreddits that rely on Imgur for explicit image hosting. Many Reddit users are familiar with Imgur because Reddit did not allow image uploads in the beginning. Users trusted Imgur to upload images and then share them on Reddit.

In 2018, Imgur has stopped displaying images and search queries related to NSFW communities from Reddit on the Imgur website. At the time, the company said explicit images were still allowed but should be marked “hidden”.

In addition to explicit images, Imgur is also deleting old, unused photos that aren’t linked to an account.Removing these images can lead to a lot of dead links across the internet.

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