The Uruguayan striker has turned his plans around 180 degrees

Until a few days ago there was talk that the striker Edinson Cavani I already had everything agreed with him Boca Juniorsbut the truth is that at Real society Other information came to him. According to various sources of royal clubthe attacker would have declined the option of returning to South America, since his priority is to continue in Europe and LaLiga Santander is tempting him.

The world from Taste is approaching and it is most likely that the Uruguayan striker will be present with his team. That is why he wants to arrive with a more than acceptable level to the orbit quote, and a European team is the most suitable. In that sense, Imanol Sheriff wants to contribute to the player’s request and gives him a privileged position in his squad.

Royal Cavani Society
Cavani wants to arrive with a more than acceptable performance at the World Cup in Qatar.

Rival in sight, Real Sociedad does not have it so easy to reach the signing of Edinson Cavani

Despite the fact that the attacker wants to join LaLiga Santander, the San Sebastian team does not have such clear ballots to reach Cavani. All because Sevilla FC is also lurking in the Uruguayan’s orbit. In fact, Monchi has already had the opportunity to speak personally with the striker, but he has not yet gotten the ok.

The cards are served, and the Basque team has the same opportunities as the Sevilla squad to reach Edinson Cavani’s yes. On the other hand, Mr. Imanol Alguacil pressures his sports management to find the veteran scorer, since the offensive power of his team has been greatly reduced. The lack of goal begins to worry the coaching staff in this league auction.

Sevilla would not be the only rival of Real Sociedad for the signing of Cavani

When the Uruguayan striker expressed that he would not continue at Manchester United and that his idea was to stay in Europe, several clubs took notice of him. However, when he was more specific and said that the Spanish league was his goal, the most prestigious clubs in LaLiga Santander began to join the bid.

Atlético was one of those who probed the possibility since Luis Suárez will leave at the end of this season, and what better way to replace him with someone very similar. Barcelona was also sounding out the signing, but in the end they chose Aubameyang. Villarreal CF finally appeared and to this day has not withdrawn from the operation. However, Sevilla and Real Sociedad are the ones who ask the most about the attacker.


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