Imam of the mosque arrested in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: The imam of the mosque who collected donations illegally in Saudi Arabia was arrested.

of Gulf News Reports According to the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the monitoring teams have detained the Imam Mosque in the eastern part of Riyadh for requesting cash and other donations.

The imam allegedly misused the mosque’s resources and built a temporary shelter to store the collected food items in violation of regulations.

The imam has been accused of breaking rules issued by the ministry that prohibited collecting donations in cash or in kind through unofficial channels.

According to the ministry’s statement, the case was referred to the competent authorities after the incident was investigated by the supervisory teams.

In addition, the ministry urged citizens and foreigners to report the collection of donations by employees of any mosque by contacting the Ministry’s Beneficiary Services Center (1933) or its branches in different areas across the kingdom.

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