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Images of the devastating impact of the unprecedented storm in Hong Kong, which caused severe flooding

Images of the devastating impact of the unprecedented storm in Hong Kong, which caused severe flooding

In recent hours, Hong Kong has experienced its heaviest rainfall on record in 140 years, which is still ongoing Severe flooding and damage that has not yet been quantified.

“I am very concerned about the severe flooding in several affected areas of Hong Kong,” the head of Hong Kong’s executive branch wrote on his Facebook account this morning. John Leewho has urged the population to stay in sheltered places and said that several government agencies are taking measures to help affected areas.

The Hong Kong government has warned about this The extreme weather conditions will continue at least until midday, all school activities stopped that day and urged employers to refer to the provisions of Typhoon Signal No. 8, which sets the priority of personnel safety.

This was announced by the operator of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HKEX Trading this Friday in the former British colony is suspended Due to flooding in the city, operations were last suspended on September 1, when Super Typhoon Saola hit the region.

black alert

The rains began on Thursday night and led to the issuance of a black alert warning for rainfall and Severe flooding immediately occurred throughout the former colonywith the Eastern District being among the worst affected areas.

It was also decreed Residents near the Shenzhen, Ng Tung and Sheung Yu Rivers are on high alert due to the overflow of a reservoir in the mainland city of Shenzhen that exceeded its capacity.

The storm, which did not stop on Friday morning, also forced the closure of Heung Yuen Wai and Man Kam To border checkpoints, as well as local immigration offices, all public medical centers and post offices.

They spread on social networks Numerous videos show scenes of torrented streets in the financial centerwith numerous people and vehicles trapped by flooding throughout the city, as well as a subway station flooded.

According to the local meteorological observatory, heavy rains mainly affected the northern part of the New Territories, including Sheung Shui, Ta Kwu Ling and the Sha Tau Kok area.

According to the observatory, showers and storms will occur over the Guangdong coast in the coming days under the influence of a low pressure trough associated with the remnants of Typhoon Haikui.

The flooding comes on top of two typhoons that hit Hong Kong in the past two weeks – Saola and Haikui – and which caused severe damage in both southern China and Taiwan.

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