“I’m strong, with rhythm, that’s why it’s disappointing”

The imposing Ferrari of Friday was diluted on Saturday. From Free Practice 3, that was something else. In the classification, Sainz scratched a fifth place that should have been top-3, although he came out fourth after Leclerc was sanctioned. His last lap of Q3 was not brilliant because the traffic affected him excessively during the first sector. “It was tight, it was a stressful qualifying. The pace was there in the car, but it was a bit inconsistent. With some tires I had a lot of grip, with others I suffered more. When it counted, in Q3, I had a good first try. But on the second attempt I went too early for the lap, I ran into cars (in traffic) and that distracted me and compromised my lap. Turn three-four with Verstappen. Six-seven with Tsunoda and the last sector with Lando (Norris), who did what he could to get away. There was more. But we will review what we can do better because we had a lot of traffic on that lap and it doesn’t help”, explained Carlos.

“The top-3 was in the car, with the confidence I had and the pace I’ve had this weekend. I have always had confidence even after the light contact on Friday. It was a good weekend, strong, with a lot of rhythm, so it’s disappointing not to have been able to materialize it. Although it is typical of Monaco”, summarizes. Leclerc was third, although he was penalized for hindering Norris during Q3 and received a three-position ban.

“We should be later”

Sainz looks ahead, the podium is within reach: “We have a chance to return to the podium with a good race, but it will be a long one. We have not done a good job on Saturday and we will pay the price on Sunday. We should be further ahead, with a lap with fewer distractions and cleaner air it would have been like that.” “The start is not so crucial because there is not much space to overtake. If rains? We will probably go out with the safety car, although it may be good, ”he opines. In Q1 he made the cut in a hurry because he had not given a good lap until the last minutes. He admits that with twenty cars on the asphalt in Monaco, traffic and incidents make the session dangerous: “In Q1 it is too much, these cars are very wide and it is very dangerous. Perhaps it can be tested with a car from each team, two groups in each classification”.

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