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“I’m not a fan of changing the rules in the middle of a championship”

Aston Martin aspires to progress at the Hungaroring, to fight again for the podium, because the opposite would mean that the champagne train has already been able to leave this season. Alonso has climbed to the top-3 six times in ten races in 2023, although the progress of Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren have complicated their Sundays at Spielberg and Silverstone. In Hungary, their circuit, they predict a better weekend. “The layout is more similar to the circuits where we have done better this season, I hope we can return to better performance although our rivals have improved and will be strong. I expect it to be difficult, but fun,” he commented. Among the questions, a child asked Russell and Alonso if they were jealous of Verstappen’s Red Bull. “Yes, we are jealous” Fernando settled between laughs.

Regarding the factors that could have influenced Silverstone, the change in the construction of the tires introduced since that race can be added: “We don’t know, it is a factor that we have to analyze in detail in the next races. I’m not a fan of changing the rules in the middle of a championship, it’s like changing the ball in the middle of a tennis tournament. When the tires are changed, the rules are changed in the middle of the World Cup. But in the end it is the same for everyone, we must understand the wheel as well as possible and extract the maximum. If there are changes, we will need a couple of races. They look similar, but we must wait.”

The first triumph, 20 years ago

All in a circuit that brings back good memories for Alonsismo, here he achieved his first victory (2003) and signed some of his best laps (2006), or points in almost all his visits with cars that deserved something else. The question was recurring, would something change? “I wouldn’t change a thing, I have no regrets. Nobody has a crystal ball to know what the team’s benefits are the following year. I left Renault for McLaren and we fought for the title. It was a good move, we were competitive. Then I went to Ferrari, I don’t think any driver would turn down an offer from Ferrari. We fought for three titles in five years. And McLaren Honda, we all thought it would be interesting and powerful, it didn’t work out. Those things happen in sports. Then I left F1 because I had many challenges to try, it was an incredible period to test the resistance, the Indy, the Dakar. Then I went back to my family in Formula 1, with Alpine, and then what for some could be the worst decision, going to Aston Martin, turned out to be the best one.”

“When I put the visor down, the fun of racing is the same. The adrenaline, the desire to compete against the best drivers. It is exactly the same as 20 years ago. I have more experience on the track, the way I prepare my race is different now, stress level as well. Because I know what can come in the race, all the scenarios, let’s say there are not many surprises. But the DNA of the competition is the same, the most fun part ”, she closes.

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