“I’m going to be number 1 in the draft”

Fully immersed in the NBA playoffs, the resolution of the season is approaching and, it will arrive a few days after the closing of the Finals, one of the milestones that marks the following: the draft. A capital moment for franchises, especially for those who choose higher up, and more when an aspiring legendary player appears. And that is the case in 2023: French center Victor Wembanyama is the most anticipated player since LeBron James. has everything to be generationaldifferential on the track and a magnet of bonanza for the franchise that takes what will be a sung number 1. With his 2.21 height and incredible 2.31 wingspan, he has movements from the base, shooting from the forward and a body that has never been seen on a basketball court . Not with all those attributes.

Antetokounmpo said it was coming with Wemby he player of the futurea new paradigm. LeBron anticipated great things. It has already been calculated that Just by drafting him and adding him to their brand, the franchise that gets hold of him will add about $500 million to his value.. Meanwhile, and still 19 years old, the boy from Le Chesnay, to the west of central Paris, chose to get out of the spotlight and the Euroleague demands to work at the Metropolitans 92, without overloading games or spotlights (not as far as he He could control, of course: his games have been seen in the US through the NBA app itself). Wembanyama has worked on his physique, you have prepared your particular body to be less prone to injury and has followed in his own footsteps with a personal and highly scientific work team.

It will be number 1 in the draft. But the player with the most ballots to be 2 (or 1 if there was an astronomical surprise) is not so clear: “I should be No. 1. And I know I’m going to be No. 1 in the draft. Do I mind being 1 instead of 2? YeahOf course, who wouldn’t prefer to be first?” tells Scoot Henderson to the magazine G.Q. in an in-depth report… and on the cover. He’s another big star in the making.

Sterling Henderson. scott for his way of moving around the track, a nickname given to him as a child in his family. He is the second youngest of seven siblings. And he has three sisters who played college basketball. Now they are part of his inner circle and are in charge of his styling, social networks… If Wembanyama is left the lane of the Euroleague, something unthinkable a few years ago in Europe, Scoot has not played in the NCAA. At the age of 17, he became the youngest professional in American basketball. when he signed for two seasons and a million dollars in total with the Ignite, the great experiment of formation of the NBA in its Development League, the G League. The big universities could not capture it, nor did it follow the path of others who prefer to be professionals but leave the country. His case may be especially interesting when the movements of young basketball prodigies are analyzed in the future.

Raised and raised in Georgia, He averaged 32 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists in his junior year of high school. Explosive base, with a devastating first stepof 1.88, it was not even senior because he chose to go to Ignite as soon as possible. The team created in G League to attract talent and from which numbers 2 and 7 in the 2021 draft (Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga) and number 8 in 2022, Dyson Daniels, have already left for the NBA. With a headquarters that moved from California to Nevada, to a little while Las Vegas, it’s about a team that offers contracts of up to half a million a year, university scholarships and professional training in all areas and a comprehensive training program that includes matches against teams from their own G League and against others from outside the US.

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In his second game with Ignite, Scoot has already scored 31 points and also added 6 rebounds and 5 assists. He went through the All Star Rising Stars of an NBA bent on making this the most attractive alternative to college possible. And in October, when the season was heating up, two games between the Ignite and the Metropolitans were organized in Las Vegas. In other words, between a Wembanyama who marveled (37 points, 7 triples and 5 blocks in the first game) and a Scoot Henderson who was injured in the second game… but finished the first game with 28 points, 9 assists and the victory. Wembanyama himself praised him, in his own way: “If I hadn’t been born, he would be number 1 in the draft.”. For months, Scoot has seemed like the sung 2. Now some flirt with the idea that he is number 3. Alabama forward Brandon Miller has won integers, although for many that only responds to the hype spring that accompanies the Madness, the great university tournament. And also to the enormous appeal that Miller’s profile has in the NBA, a long forward with a shooting range.

Scoot, meanwhile, bides his time. Well surrounded and already preparing training with the franchises prior to the draft: “I have always dreamed of being an important name. I want people to know who I am. Don’t brag about it, show how hard I’ve worked and how I really am.” Still far from the NBA, he signed a seven-figure contract with Puma and has other advertising deals. NBA players like Jaylen Brown have been with him to give him advice: “He told me to start small, to go little by little. I want fancy cars for me and my dad, but Jaylen told me that he signed a deal with Mazda first.. He got cars for his whole family, but Mazda.

In Las Vegas and his particular idiosyncrasy (“this is a city for 21-year-olds, not my age”), he trains, reads, practices meditation and prepares to take the big leap. Also, according to what he tells G.Q.spends a lot of time playing video games, especially those about Harry Potter: “I will have a house with a touch of magic. A door that has to be opened with a magic wand, something like that. It may sound childish, but I don’t care.” At 19, he is compared to the likes of Derrick Rose and Ja Morant and credits those October matches against Wembanyama with the amount of attention they garnered: “I wanted people to know I’m here too.”

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