Ilia Topuria announces the three fighters she wants at UFC Spain

New UFC lightweight champion Ilia Topuria has publicly revealed who the only three rivals he currently has to fight are

After defeating Alexander Volkanovski with a knockout that is now UFC history, Ilia Topuria has confirmed who she wants as her next rivals. This is the most recurring theme today Everyone wants to compete against El Matador and break his unbeaten record. But at the moment there is no rival or set date for his return to the cage.

In addition to the privilege of breaking his record and taking the belt, UFC fighters also know what Ilia Topuria is selling, who has become one of the company’s biggest stars. That’s why there’s money in fighting him. But as he himself confirmed after his victory over Volkanovski, he currently only has one rival in mind.

Rivals of Ilia Topuria
Ilia Topuria knows the fight against Conor McGregor will have to wait

Ilia Topuria expands her list of possible rivals

Shortly after defeating Alexander Volkanovski, Ilia Topuria has publicly asked to fight Conor McGregor at UFC Spain. El Matador knows that he has gained a lot of notoriety in the company and Dana White has already confirmed that they will be coming to Spain. However, it does not appear that this will be his next fight as that event may not take place until 2025.

Knowing that, Ilia Topuria expanded her list of possible rivals in her latest press conference. One of the names he mentioned was Sean O’Malley, another big UFC star. The confrontation between the two would have the appeal of a double championship that would elevate one of the two to Olympus. But the American has ruled out fighting for now.

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Max Holloway, the big favorite

I know that at the moment The UFC has other plans for Conor McGregor and Sean O’Malley has ruled out the fightIlia Topuria calls Max Holloway her next rival. The one from Hawaii was already a champion and a legend in the company. A legend who wants a new chance at the championship against El Matador.

So that, Everything points to Ilia Topuria’s next fight being against Max Holloway. This confrontation makes sense for both fighters, as one sees him as an “easy” opponent to extend his undefeated record and the other is looking for an opportunity to restart his career. And it makes sense for the UFC too, as these are two fighters selling that whatever the outcome is, it will be beneficial for them.

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