Ilaix Moriba may end up at Real Madrid after failing in Leipzig

The former FC Barcelona midfielder dangerously approaches the ranks of Real Madrid who need players of that caliber and in that area of ​​the field

In the world of football, contextual turns seem to be a topic that has no end. As it shows Ilaix Moriba, and his chances of ending up playing for Real Madrid after what has been an open secret, his failure in the RB Leipzig. Since his arrival in Germany the young midfielder has not been able to demonstrate his prowess as a professional, and has limited himself to residual moments in the competitions he faces.

Teven just 100 minutes on the field of play they reveal the reality of the case, and is that despite all the restrictions is still on the agenda merengue by projection. To which is added the change of coach in his current team that puts him in tune for an eventual exit as the press is getting into shape in that country.

ilaix Valencia
The African left the entity culé for lack of minutes and now the same thing is raised due to his current situation in Germany

Real Madrid is willing to offer Ilaix Moriba a place in future planning beyond his past culé

The funny thing is not that Real Madrid gets into these areas, the funny thing is that they have been monitoring the operation for some time. What happens is that it seems much more likely at this moment, and therefore there are greater chances of ending up taking the cat into the water as they have both agreed in the directive.

Leipzig recently fired Jesse Marsch and will soon unveil their new strategist. That as it has been leaked, it is someone with experience who does not usually have deadlines with emerging ones. In addition, the departures of some pieces of value in the merengue entity endorse this fact, which continues to gain strength.

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The agreement could be sealed this winter but would enter into from June 2022

The first thing to say in this regard is that the approaches are already gestated. In fact, Real Madrid agents have traveled to Germany to find out the contractual incidents and the values ​​associated with the operation. They know that the loss of assets such as Dani Ceballos or Isco Alarcón will make them pull the string, and sooner or later they must go to the market to seal a footballer of that quality.

Ilaix is ​​not a type who walks with precautions, he has said that he will allow himself to be tempted by the one who makes him add activity and that of course, he puts a significant salary in his account year after year. For now that seems to be Real Madrid, so everything is ready and waiting.

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