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Iker Casillas’ rivals want to purge the RFEF of the sexist Rubiales

Iker Casillas in the race for the leadership of the RFEF after Rubiales

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is experiencing moments of uncertainty following the announcement of Luis Rubiales’ resignation. Names considered as possible successors to the RFEF include Iker Casillasthe legend of Real Madrid and the Spanish team, proves to be an option that combines experience on the pitch and the affection of the public.

The former goalkeeper, who produced three stars in his football career, now wants to add another in the administrative department. His claim is clear: heads the RFEF and contribute to the management of the Copa del Reyand of course accompany “la Roja” in its future challenges.

Iker Casillas RFEF
The winner of a World Cup and two European Championships believes he is ready for the occasion

More candidates on the RFEF horizon

However, Casillas is not alone in this race. Mateu Alemany, who recently separated from FC Barcelona, ​​also appears to be a serious contender. Despite his disagreements at the Catalan club, his leadership skills and knowledge of Spanish football could put him in a privileged position to take over.

Surprisingly, the name of Mateu Lahoz has also emerged among the candidates. The controversial former referee, known for his on-field decisions, benefits from his proximity to the referees’ union. However, many question whether his profile matches the responsibility of leading the RFEF.

David Aganzo and his union experience

In addition to the candidates mentioned, David Aganzo, former football player and current president of the Spanish Football Players Association, is also running. With its long history defending the rights of footballers, Aganzo could offer a vision more focused on the protagonists of this beautiful sport.

As the deadline for choosing Rubiales’ successor approaches, the RFEF must consider which of these candidates has the necessary qualities to face the current and future challenges of Spanish football. The decision will not be easy, but the unanimous wish is that it benefits the sport and its fans.

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