Iker Casillas kills Luis de la Fuente: galactic replacement when he heads the RFEF

“San Iker” is the potential change in the Spanish national team that everyone is expecting

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is going through a period of upheaval following the unexpected resignation of Luis Rubiales, who had the option of remaining in office until 2024. This surprising turn of events has drastically changed the situation in the association and opened the debate about who could take over the leadership of this sports organization? However, a name that has not stopped ringing is that of Iker Casillas, who could become the new president of the (RFEF).

In addition, there are also the names of two outstanding candidates: Pedro Rocha, current president of the Extremadura Football Association, who is carrying out interim functions, and Salvador Gomar, president of the Valencian Football Federation. However, neither has solid support as both are closely linked to the Rubiales government.

    Iker Casillas RFEF
The changes that Casillas is planning for the Spanish national team

Ker Casillas: Possible change in the Spanish team if he heads the RFEF

But without a doubt the name that resonates greatly in this context is that of Iker Casillas, the legendary former Real Madrid and Spanish national team goalkeeper. Casillas, seen by many as a counterpoint to Rubiales, could bring about the changes the Federation needs in these moments of uncertainty. Casillas, known for his passion for football and his commitment to the Spanish national team, has some ideas to revitalize the national team.

Although he doesn’t plan to fire Luis de la Fuente immediately, This could change if results are unsatisfactory in the near future. Should the point be reached where a change in leadership of the Spanish national team becomes necessary, Casillas has already begun to think about possible successors. Among the candidates on their list are Roberto Martínez and Marcelino García Toral.

Casillas’ plans

Roberto Martínez, current coach of the Portuguese national team, is an experienced technician who may be ready to take on a new professional challenge. On the other hand, Marcelino García Toral, who currently coaches Olympique de Marseille, is also on Casillas’ list as a possible candidate.

However, it will be interesting to see whether any of these coaches would be willing to give up their current projects to take charge of the Spanish national team in a period of change and restructuring. Definitely, The RFEF is in a crucial moment of transition and the figure of Iker Casillas could be crucial for its future. Casillas represents a change of direction in the association and has a clear idea of ​​how the Spanish national team should develop further.

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