If your Android alarm didn’t go off, you’re not alone

Smartphones are often a reliable way to wake up in the morning. Although, Google Clock app is not triggering alarms correctly for some users, causing problems for those affected.

Last week, countless users came to Reddit to complain about alarms that didn’t sound.

The problem seems more common among Pixel users, where the Google Clock app is pre-installed by default, but Oppo and OnePlus devices also have issues.

Some users claim that the alarms are completely gone, with no sound or notification at all, while others have noticed that their phones vibrated for just a moment before hanging up.

There seems to be some kind of relationship between the “Do Not Disturb” feature and missed alarms.as some reports claim they fixed the issue by making sure their devices weren’t silenced overnight.

Also, some users associated the application’s integration with Spotify with the loss of alarms, and they even reported the bug on Spotify’s help site.

It’s not clear how many devices are affected by this, but it’s widespread enough that many users are complaining. According to a topic of problem tracker, Google relayed the problem to its product and engineering teams and “We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.”

For now, if you’re using the Google Clock app, you might want to switch to an alternate Play Store app to make sure you wake up on timeā€¦or go back to your old clock.

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