If you are single in this country and you have sex, then you have gone

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Couple hugs in public


  • FIFA World Cup to be held in November 2022
  • Qatar is hosting this world cup
  • Guidelines have been issued for foreign guests

Qatar: This year is very exciting for football lovers. Because the FIFA World Cup is going to be organized in November this year. This event is being held in Qatar, one of the Arab countries. During this, a large number of football fans from all over the world will reach here. Which will cheer up your favorite players and teams.

Meanwhile, the government of Qatar has said in a stern tone that you are coming to our place, let us warmly welcome you. But you have to follow our laws. Being your guest will not give you any relaxation in the laws here. The government has made it clear that foreign guests will have to follow the strict laws of this country. The police here have told that a non-husband-wife couple can be jailed for up to 7 years for having sex. Apart from this, many other strict laws have been implemented by the Government of Qatar. Following which it can be very difficult for those coming to the western countries.

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Homosexuality and singles sex crimes

Homosexuality has been recognized by the Supreme Court in India. But it is illegal in Qatar. Significantly, Islamic Sharia law is applicable in Qatar. Under which having sex with each other of signals is a big crime. Also, there is a strict punishment rule for homosexuality as well. A report in the ‘Daily Star’ quoted Qatar Police as saying that foreign nationals can also be jailed for 7 years for such crimes. Having sex despite mutual consent of a non-husband-wife couple will be considered a legal offense and under the law here you will be punished as a criminal.

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If the surname is different, then a room will not be available in the hotel

Along with this, Qatar has also imposed many other restrictions. Partying and drinking after a football match in Qatar will also be banned. Also, if the surnames of two men and women are not the same. So they will not be given room together in the hotel. To get a room together, they have to prove that they are husband and wife.

“Open romancing is not part of Qatari culture, so we cannot allow foreign guests to come here,” said Nasser, FIFA World Cup chief official. At the same time, he also said that the safety of football fans who come to watch the FIFA World Cup is his first concern. And all these steps are being taken for their own safety.

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Arab countries known for strict laws

Let us tell you that Qatar is not the only country where such strict rules are applicable. Most of the Arab countries have strict rules regarding sex. In these Arab countries, Saria is considered as law. In Saria law, sex before marriage and with anyone other than the husband or wife is considered a major crime. For this, in different countries of the Middle East, punishment ranging from whipping to jail and death is given.

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