If this image is unfamiliar to you, don’t read on.

Do you remember your computer from the 90s? Possibly it was a white tower with a Turbo button and an “Intel inside” sticker on the front. You might also remember the 28.8 Kbps modem and magnetic hard drive that squeaked when the playhead moved.

At that time, it was very common to “defragment” the hard drive. This process consisted of grouping the data blocks of each file, usually spread over the hard disk, in the same area of ​​the disk to improve performance.

It was a pretty long process, so if you lived through that time, the image at the beginning of this article is likely familiar to you.

ShipLift LLC developers Andrew LeTournaeu and Connor McCall want to help us remember that moment with a project titled defragment, which you can access here.

LeTournaeu’s application simulates the defragmentation process of the defragmentation application, with its familiar MS-DOS blue background. Oh, and there’s also a subtle glow effect to add nostalgia to CRT monitors.

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