“If Ramos leaves, Luis Enrique still has no other choice”

The possible return of Sergio Ramos, who finally has options to make his debut with PSG, has been one of the central topics of the debate in the Sanhedrin of El Larguero in the past dawn. From the matter, analyzed in terms of Selection, a common position emerges, according to which, Ramos has the door of La Roja open, although at the same time it is complicated to return due to the high level shown by the current internationals.

Gustavo Lopez: “Luis Enrique does not care about ages, the players go for their performance. I do not rule out the return of Ramos to the National Team. If he leaves now, he still has no other choice.”

Kiko Narvaez: “I have doubts about the return of Ramos. If he gets 100% he was wearing it, but getting into this team dynamic is very difficult.”

Raul Ruiz: “We do not have players who are indisputable starters, so if Ramos starts to play well he will take it as long as there have been no frictions between Luis Enrique and him. Of course, he has to be very well to return.”

Luis Enrique’s lists

Gustavo Lopez: “Luis Enrique earned the opportunity to be creative on the rosters. Transitions are not easy and Spain is taking it wonderfully. It is one of the coach’s virtues. The National Team has a great future.”

Kiko Narvaez: “What most excites us is the idea. We have things very clear, you can see that against large teams we have a lot of personality. People already daydream and it is because they have reasons.”

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Golden Ball

Gustavo Lopez: “It is an award that goes to those who generate more for their team and the titles they win. It will be very open between Messi and Benzema.”

Kiko Narvaez: “As a football lover, not just scoring goals, so I would give it to Leo Messi. The second would be Benzema and the third Lewandowski.”

Raul Ruiz: “I would give it to Messi. This year there were no clear dominators, but Messi is different. If you watch football, you do it to see Messi.”

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