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“If Kylian Mbappé wants to leave, it will be on our terms”: Leonardo’s firm reaction to Real Madrid’s offer

“If Kylian Mbappé wants to leave, it will be on our terms”: Leonardo’s firm reaction to Real Madrid’s offer

The reaction was not long in coming. A few hours after Real Madrid’s offensive to try to recruit Kylian Mappé, with an offer of 160 million euros, Leonardo spoke on this case that had become hot. If he confirmed the desires of the French striker, PSG does not intend to let it go.

Through the voice of its sports director, the capital club reaffirmed its inflexibility. And his line of conduct: keep Kylian Mbappé. “Our will has always been to keep and extend it. This is our goal, and it is still that today. It has been going on for two years, ”Leonardo recalled. Except that the native of Bondy has so far rejected all the extension offers he has had in his hands. “We made an offer to Kylian two months ago at the same level as that of the top players in the workforce. Since then, we have formulated an even higher one, ”he said.

Silent on his future for many weeks, he has never hidden his desire to join Real Madrid this summer or at the latest in a year when he will be free. A desire confirmed by Leonardo. “Kylian wants to leave, it seems clear right?” If Real made an offer a week from the end of the transfer window, it’s because the player wants to leave, ”said the former Brazilian midfielder.

“Kylian is not above the project”

And if the Parisian leaders, who rejected the Madrid offer deemed insufficient, intend to keep their No. 7, they will not keep it at all costs. “If a player wants to leave, he will leave. But it will be on our terms. This goes for Kylian as it does for all the other players. If he wants to go, we have to do something. We did everything for Kylian, even this transfer window was built around him. Whether he leaves or stays, it will be on our terms, insisted the Brazilian. We don’t close the door to anyone if they want to leave. “

But the Spanish club will have to pay the price. “This offer is very far from the value of Kylian, it is even lower than what we will have paid to Monaco (145 + 35 million euros) because we still owe money to Monaco. This proposal is not sufficient, ”he insisted. A sum of around 200 million euros could cause PSG to review its position.

Leonardo also singled out Real Madrid’s attitude. “His behavior is disrespectful, unacceptable and it is illegal to make an offer one year from the end of Kylian’s contract and seven days from the close of the market,” he said before regretting that of Kylian Mbappé . “We can’t be happy with this situation because we did something this summer. We created a dream, we will not let anyone destroy it or position themselves above the club. Kylian is at the center of the project, but not above it ”.

And to add: “he promised that he would not leave free, it is a fact.” It is therefore either he leaves by August 31, or he extends. This soap opera is therefore very far from over.

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