Home Sports “If it rains, the fan of podium, victory and drag opens”

“If it rains, the fan of podium, victory and drag opens”

"Si llueve se abre el abanico de podio, victoria y arrastrón"

nice to listen to Marc Márquez in victory and in defeat, because a tenth place on the grid of the French GP is a defeat for him. However, he accepts his situation naturally, aware that “if it rains the fan opens”. The part speaks of a 61% chance of rain by 2:00 p.m., the start time of the race, and 74% by 3:00 p.m.

-I have entitled the chronicle of the AS that you are left in the hands of the rain for tomorrow’s race, because in the dry it seems impossible to think about victory or even on the podium, right?

-Yes. It would be news now to think about victory or even on the podium. We continue in the trend of the last races, from Portimao. We are to be fifth, sixth or seventh in a good race. We have to continue to understand what is happening to us, although we more or less know it. It is clear that you do not improve from one race to another. I said it in Jerez. Let’s see if little by little we can continue to evolve. Today in the morning I felt quite well. Yes, I did the Quartararo lap. (Smile). I’ve been out all over the place, but I was just feeling good too and I had speed. This afternoon, neither alone nor on the wheel had the speed and confidence. I could not.

-Why didn’t you look for a wheel in Q2 like in FP3? It was the most delicate moment and in the morning Quartararo did not get angry and accepted his thanks with a nice handshake from bike to bike.

-Well, Quartararo has it clear. In my young days (laughs), when I was clear about it, I didn’t care who followed me. Quartararo is in that mode now. He knows I’m not here to dispute the victory and he’s in championship mode. He shoots and well he does. I try not to get in the way. I get behind and, if you take advantage of it, you take advantage of it, and if you have the speed, in the afternoon I tried a little and I saw that he didn’t have the speed. I have seen that the possibility of falling was very great and that in order to change from tenth to eighth… I have thought about getting my one hundred percent and tomorrow we will see if there is another sensation.

-When you say ‘we know what’s happening to us’, is it a matter of your physical condition or of the Honda?

-I am very self-demanding with myself and I keep trying to improve, look for things and find myself better. I’m not driving in the best way, but more or less acceptable. If there was a Honda winning, it would be different. That is where I insist, but it is true that we are at a point where concept ideas are running out and when that road ends, another one has to be opened, which are already new pieces from Japan. They are working on it and they will surely arrive soon.

-Good luck for the race and let’s see if it rains, then you can fish for sure…

-If it rains the fan opens, the podium, victory and drag fan.

-Now it’s time for luck to be with you too, right?

We’ll keep chasing her. And if she doesn’t come tomorrow, we’ll insist.



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