“If I want Alia Bhatt…” Jawan’s writer revealed in Shah Rukh’s dialogue, said, “I am ready…”

The King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan has created a buzz at the box office with his film ‘Jawaan’. Released on September 7th, this film has broken many records. There are many such dialogues in the film that cause loud whistles and applause in the cinema. In one scene, Shahrukh Khan is asked, “What do you want?” In response, he says, “If I want Alia Bhatt…”

Now, the film’s dialogue writer Sumit Arora has narrated an incident related to Alia’s dialogues. He said, “I wasn’t sure about the dialogue with Alia Bhatt.” But Shah Rukh sir said it was very good. Keep this dialogue in the film. We kept this dialogue in the film only at the request of the Lord. When I saw people’s reactions to this dialogue, I was very happy.

Sumit further said, “There was no way I could forget to write the villain’s dialogue in the film.” This dialogue is only meant for Shahrukh because he surprised everyone with his villain roles in Baazigar and Don. With this dialogue I wanted to pay him a one-sided homage. The dialogue is that if I become a villain, no hero can stand before me.

Talking about the box office collection, the film has grossed Rs 31.50 crore on the 10th day, taking the film’s total collection to Rs 440.48 crore.

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