If cow slaughter should be stopped… the Indian judge left everyone confused

If cow slaughter should be stopped... the Indian judge left everyone confused

The Indian court has given so many strange remarks in the case related to illegal transportation of cows that it has left everyone confused.

A district court in the Indian state of Gujarat sentenced a man to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5 lakh for illegal transportation of cows.

Judge Sameer Vinod Chandra Vyas while issuing the order said that “if cow slaughter is stopped, all the problems of the world will be solved”.

The Indian judge claimed that “Science has proved that houses made of cow dung are not affected by nuclear radiation and cow urine is a cure for many incurable diseases”.

It should be noted that there is no scientific basis for this claim of the Indian judge.

The judge of the Indian court further said that “Cow is not only an animal but also a mother.” Cow is a living image of 68 crore holy places and 33 crore deities. The importance of the cow to the entire universe cannot be expressed in words.”

In its remarks, the court added that “by keeping the cow angry, our wealth and property disappear”.

The judge also linked cow slaughter with climate change and said, “Cow slaughter is the only reason for increasing problems like global warming in the world today.” We cannot overcome these challenges unless cow slaughter is stopped completely”.

It should be noted that the Indian court made these remarks in a case related to the illegal transportation of more than 16 cows in which the person involved was arrested in August last year. Apart from life imprisonment, the accused has also been fined five lakh rupees.


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