Idhika saw ‘Priyatma’ in the hall of Bangladesh

Shakib Khan’s film ‘Priyatma’ was released on Eid. After the release, the movie broke one record after another and now it has become the highest grosser of all time in Bangladesh. Not only the box office record, but also the performance of everyone in the movie was appreciated. Along with Shakib Khan, the film’s heroine Idhika Pal from Kolkata is also praised by the audience.

In addition to making a place in the hearts of the Bangladeshi audience, Idhika Pal came to Bangladesh and watched his first film.

Earlier in the interview, Idhika promised that if the movie ‘Priyatma’ is not released in Kolkata, she will come to Bangladesh. Come here and see the first movie of your career. Idhika Pal, an actress from Opar Bengal, has said that.

Idhika, who came to the cinema from the TV serial of Kolkata, is happy to be the heroine of such a movie. Enjoyed the movie ‘Priyatma’ at Star Cineplex in Dhaka on July 24. Expressing that joy, he wrote on Facebook, ‘I have a habit of hiding or disguising my feelings. This time I also saw my first feature film on the big screen in disguise, with an audience.

From Idhika Pal’s Facebook post

There is an uproar on Facebook after Idhika came to see ‘Priyatma’. The actress wore a pink saree. Face mask. Movie lovers are expressing love and wishes by commenting on that film one after another. Some are claiming that they want Priyatma in Bangladeshi movies regularly.

Meanwhile, fans are claiming ‘Priyatma’ as the best of the era, which has been making records of income since its release. This movie is also the highest grossing movie in the history of the industry. Ever since its release on Qurbani Eid, the movie directed by Himel Ashraf and produced by Versatile Media has been on the way to big earnings. Even after four weeks of release, the house full show is going to many theaters of the country.

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